Membership fees and charges

Entrance fee: 1400 TMT

Annual fee:    1400 TMT

GTIN:            9 barcodes       

For disabled people, farmer associations and state-subsidized enterprises, the entrance fee for membership and the annual fee is 200 (two hundred) TMT.

After you fill out the registration form and pay the required fees, the Global Prefix (GCP) and Global Identification Number (GLN) of your company will be generated in the GS1 system. Your GS1 company's global prefix is your company's registration number exclusively - you should not transfer or allow any other company to use your number.

Please note that your membership in GS1 Turkmenistan may be terminated for failure to pay annual membership dues or failure to comply with GS1 Turkmenistan rules and guidelines. When leaving your membership in GS1 Turkmenistan, you should fill out the appropriate form - an application for termination of membership in GS1 Turkmenistan.

- Payment orders for entrance and annual fees. Payment is made by transfer to the current account of GS1 Turkmenistan. Every subsequent 12 months of stay in GS1 Turkmenistan, the enterprise pays an annual membership fee.

Application forms for joining GS1 Turkmenistan (Form 1), questionnaire (Form 2), list of products form for obtaining barcodes (Form 3), samples of their completion can be obtained directly from GS1 Turkmenistan or printed here.

Barcodes are issued only after GS1 Turkmenistan receives the originals of your application for entry, questionnaire, GS1 application for barcodes and a package of documents in accordance with the above list.

ATTENTION! An enterprise member of the GS1 Turkmenistan organization does not have the right to transfer assigned unique identification numbers to other enterprises and organizations.