Chyzykli Belgi Hyzmatlary

About Us

On the basis of the «Çyzykly belgi hyzmatlary» enterprise at the public organization of GS1 Turkmenistan, on April 10 in 2017, a verification laboratory which tests barcodes was established. The laboratory is certified by the «Turkmenstandartlary» Main State Service. The laboratory carries out verification of bar codes on packages of products produced by state and private enterprises, subsequently a relevant document is issued.


- approval (verification) of bar codes images and labels in accordance with ISO / IEC15416, ISO / IEC 15420 standards

- printing of barcodes on thermal paper

- creating and printing barcode designs, label designs and alignment

- solutions for outlets

- consulting activities

- web and Graphic Designs


- This is a check of bar code symbols and print quality,

- Verification of the accuracy of the data structure and code structure

- Availability of bar code reading and visual appearance of symbols


Nowadays in our country enterprises manufacturing products use automatic data capturing in their production activities. Therefore, you must be confident in the accuracy, reliability and readability of bar codes. The economic and production efficiency of automatic data capturing can only be achieved if there is a guaranteed quality of bar code symbols.

You may encounter cases of the return of a large number of goods due to incorrect allocation of bar codes on packages of manufactured products. In some cases, forced to replace their suppliers. Preliminary verification of bar codes increases the probability of reading characters from the first attempt. Of course, we may encounter cases of unsuccessful attempts to read bar codes, as a result of which data are entered into the counters manually.

How much harm does it bring to the effectiveness of the activity, in case of the first unsuccessful attempt to read a bar code by a bar code reader? Verification is very important for you to increase the efficiency of your activity.

By conducting verification of barcodes you will achieve compliance of your bar codes with international standards ISO / IEC15416, ISO / IEC 15420 and uninterrupted transmission of your products through international trading networks.