Organization policy

National organization of Turkmenistan for barcodes "GS1 Turkmenistan", being a full member of the international organization GS1 and the only authorized representative of this organization in our country, actively promotes the widespread introduction and use of barcoding and other automatic identification systems in Turkmenistan, helping manufacturers and traders achieve more effective organization of the activities of their enterprises and prompt interaction with international trading partners. These measures help increase the competitiveness of products of domestic producers in the domestic and foreign markets and allow business entities to speak the same language.

With the successful implementation of automation standards in the country, GS1 Turkmenistan is actively exploring the possibilities of introducing automation systems in other sectors of the economy to increase their efficiency.

Having received membership in the international GS1 organization in 2015, our young but dynamically developing Organization strives to become one of the most progressive public organizations in Turkmenistan and one of the most advanced national GS1 organizations in the region, planning and implementing its work in such a way as to obtain highly recognized by its members, the business community, government, and become an attractive place to work for its employees.

In our activities, we undertake to comply with all national and international requirements applicable to the activities of the GS1 Turkmenistan organization, and strive for continuous improvement through the use of the best recognized international practices and advanced management tools aimed at improving the quality of services provided and customer satisfaction.