Organization structure

National organization GS1 Turkmenistan is the volunteer, not-for-profit association acting for the protection of its members’ common interests and for the achievement of the charter’s objectives. The organization conducts its activities on the basis of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Civil Code of Turkmenistan, the Law of Turkmenistan “On public organizations”, the Charter and the other normative legal acts of Turkmenistan.

The legal entities and physical persons who are engaging in entrepreneurial activities, following and complying with the Charter of the Organization, participating in the organization’s activity, paying one-time joining fee, continuously and sequentially paying membership fees may become a member of the Organization. Members of the Organization have equal rights and obligations.

The Organization is the legal entity, having the rights and bearing responsibilities provided for by the legislation of Turkmenistan for public organizations. The Organization unites users of barcodes and also persons who are interested in development of barcodes and automatic identification in the territory of Turkmenistan.

The structure and the membership list of the board and executive bodies of the Organization can be found here:

- Management bodies of the Organization

- Members of the Board